In 2016, eBay had long lost its foothold in China. Despite considerable brand recognition, eBay had little to no product investment and no localized experience for the Mainland, except for a single, cobbled together homepage. At the beginning of 2017, the eBay New Product Development team began exercising due diligence in this unfamiliar market and conducting local market research.

eBay China "before"

At the end of 2017, myself, a few other designers, and the rest of the eBay New Product Development team launched an entirely localized experience built on top of a modern-day tech stack, unbound by the legacies of the 22 year old eBay core product.

During my time on the eBay China project, I led design efforts for the homepage and browse experiences and also took on a support role for our China design systems - designing reusable components, liaising with our front-end leads, and guiding the development of our internal tooling.