eBay Shopbot

eBay Shopbot


Shopbot was eBay’s conversational commerce bot built on the Facebook Messenger platform. Users could chat with the bot to search for products, get notified of deals, and make purchases directly in Messenger.

Prior to my work on onboarding, all conversations with Shopbot started the same way, no matter the entry point. Myself and the growth lead initiated this project in order to test if we could increase engagement through the use of a more interesting onboarding flow and more targeted ads.


Design and build a contextual onboarding experience that is based on the user's interests and entry point.

Measure change in engagement when using a more targeted ad campaign and onboarding experience. Determine if this is an area worthy of further investment.


Firstly, we wanted to choose a category of products that was already popular with younger shoppers on eBay, and secondly, one that we knew we could create interesting onboarding content for. The sneaker category seemed to be a good choice. I designed flow that would target sneakerheads with Facebook ads and then bring them into an onboarding experience that would hopefully resonate with them.

Onboarding flow for sneakerheads. It included a curated selection of sneakers and editorial content

Because this was a lightweight experiment, I iterated on the flow to require as little engineering resources as possible. I then took some cues from our then recent national ad campaign to create some video assets for our own experimental campaigns.

At the end of the experiment, we concluded that the contextual onboarding framework should continue to be used, but because of a lack of click-throughs to actual product pages, that sneakers were too niche of a category to pursue further.

Following my work on this experiment, the framework continued to be built out for further use on other ad campaigns and the visual style of the video ads continued to be used as reference for further Shopbot marketing content.