eBay Shopbot was an ecommerce chatbot built on the Facebook Messenger platform. When I began work on the project, we were largely driving traffic through Facebook ads. At the time, we were casting a wide net with our segmentation and no matter where the user came from, their experiences with the bot were the same.

I saw an opportunity to target more “passionate” users that were more likely to be early adopters, provide a more personalized experience for them, and create avenues for repeat engagement that would thus increase the opportunities to convert them to loyal customers.

In order to do this, I created Facebook ads targeting sneakerheads and designed a specific onboarding flow just for this segment. I curated collections of sneakers that would give users a reason to return regularly and repeatedly engage with Shopbot.

Ultimately, we were able to acquire more users, increase engagement, and do it more cost-effectively. Portions of this project continued to be used to create more personalized onboarding experiences for other marketing initiatives.