eBay Shopbot

eBay Shopbot
Project Overview

Shopbot was eBay’s chatbot built on the Facebook Messenger platform. It allowed users to search for products, be notified of deals, and to make purchases directly in Messenger.


This project had two members: myself and the growth lead for Shopbot

  • Provide users with an onboarding experience that was tailored to their interests.
  • Determine if the team should further invest in building tailored onboarding experiences.
  • Determine if they team should further invest in marketing based on niche interests.


Before this project began, when users chatted with Shopbot for the first time, they all got the same experience. The growth lead and I wanted to provide users with an end-to-end experience that was tailored to their interests. We felt that if, for example, a sneakerhead tapped on a Shopbot ad containing sneakers, they should have a conversation and shopping experience based on that interest.

However, before the team would change the marketing strategy and build more onboarding experiences, we had to prove that this was a worthy investment. We chose to run a scrappy experiment with sneakerheads as our targeted niche. Why? Because sneakerheads fit our target demographic of savvy millenials and sneakers are one of the most popular categories on eBay.

Taking cues from our recent campaign revealing the new eBay branding, I designed and wrote the copy for a few ads to be used on Facebook. I then designed a flow that would show users a curated selection of sneakers and allow them to sign up for notifications.

Onboarding flow for sneakerheads. It included a curated selection of sneakers and editorial content


The experiment saw a significant increase in click-throughs on ads and engagement with the bot. This work was used to create a "contextual onboarding" framework that was used for future growth initiatives.